School of Submission-Victoria Voxxx

School of Submission-Victoria Voxxx

You may or may not know that I ran for several years. I made it mine with my own style of military style training with really brutal bondage. I moved on to other sites over the years, but have had lots of requests from models to have the experience of going through such an extreme ordeal. It is just as much of a mental challenge as it is physical, and therefore it had an allure that models were wanting almost like a "bucket list" request. After several models voiced this to me, I reached out and made arrangements to try it our again, but without all of the purpose of funneling the slave the after the four days were completed.

This time, it's all about the model and her experience. There is no final destination except for their mindset and satisfaction that they completed four straight days of hell with me. Kink named the series "School of Submission", or "SOS" for short. It's not supposed to a training series as much as it is more of documenting the journey of the submissive, slave, pain slut, or whatever she identifies as. It's the journey, not the destination.

Day 1 was assessing her to see where her mind was, and what she feels that she will get out of the journey. Testing her limitations and pain tolerance is essential to be able to map out the next 3 days.

Day 2 was all about sex and bondage. she is made to show off every skill she has sexually, and then made to push beyond her comfort zone. We are trying to break through, not make her comfy and cozy.

Day 3 was about physical and mental fortitude. I pushed her with physical labor to break her down. I wanted to see what she was willing to do to get through this. There was no right or wrong, but just a place to show her inside of herself.

Day 4 is the finale, where she is now pushed harder than she has ever been pushed. The intent was never to break her, but rather push her out of her comfort zone for her to see the potential for growth.

You can click on the days to see the individual shoots for more dirty good stuff.

Casey Calvert on Device Bondage

Casey Calvert on Device Bondage

All natural stunner Casey Calvert returns to serve at the boot heel of her favorite male dom. The Pope tosses her into his filthy dungeon and immediately shackles her slender frame to a wooden wedge that splits her tiny pink pussy in half. Leather cuffs and metal shackles firmly and completely restrain her, exposing her tits and ass to brutal impact play and torment. Casey lets out guttural screams that are so primal that they shake the cum stained floor of The Popes dungeon. She shakes and growls as the first of many multiple orgasms are ripped from her unwilling cunt. But this is just the warm up; merely a chance for The Pope to tenderize his meat for the main course. Before Casey can regain her composure, The Pope lays her on her back and spreads her legs wide open exposing her teeny cunt and tight asshole to his cruel intentions. First he ruthlessly attacks the soles of her perfectly manicured feet. He digs into the crevices that hide the nightmares of fragile psyche. With nothing more than switch of bamboo cane he torments his female slave and revels her shrieks of terror. Her hands and feet convulse and shake like a captured seal fighting for dear life to escape from its trap. But the bondage is inescapable and Caseys pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears. The Popes sadistic fever becomes incensed. He attacks her asshole, probing his massive hands in and out until she cums uncontrollably. Sweat soaks her sobbing frame as a vibrator relentlessly stimulates her swollen and engorged clit. To finish her off The Pope shackles the soles of her feet together and her arms spread to the sides. He meticulously attaches scores of clothes pins together into a massive zipper that spans the entire front of Casey’s body. He then indulges in breath play and repeatedly chokes and throttles his captive slaves fragile neck. As Casey floats in and out sub space The Pope vibrates her pussy with a hitachi and when her depraved pleasure reaches a fevered peak he tears the zippers off her body. Casey’s entire body shakes as she screams and begs for The Pope to abuse every square inch of her battered body.

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