I have made porn since 2004, and this is where you can find my current projects and sites that I direct for.

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The only place to find my personal clips, and order your very own custom...if that's your thing.

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My personal channel that includes: interviews with models, and step by step instructional bondage videos.

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I'm opening a window to allow you inside of my world, so put on a helmet and hold on. I'm letting my guard down and this is where I'll give my opinions, thoughts and smart ass remarks about whatever I feel like writing about. I plan on keeping you in the loop about what's going on in my life through writing my blog.

All of the recent content that I produce will get promoted here. There are links to all of the social media you can handle, and then some. I have an area where I will accept fan mail and do my best to respond to everyone.

Comments are welcomed and appreciated, but shit talking will get you removed faster than anything else. This is a site for my fans...nothing more, nothing less.