I started this journey of porn, specifically bondage porn in 2004. I started like most, which is at the bottom, and I worked my way up to where I am now. I cleaned sex toys, edited content, and took photos. I was an aspiring photographer, which is what got me noticed by my first boss. I was offered a job and moved to California to start making porn. Fast forward to today and I am an AVN winning director for my first feature “Deception”, which has inspired me to do more. I recently completed my second feature “Derelict”, which is out on DVD now!

My Inspiration

Bondage is my art and my passion. I have spent years trying to perfect my craft, and although I have come a long way since my journey started, I still am evolving and always will be. I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from very amazing riggers/handlers throughout the years, which has helped me to have my own style of rigging. I by no means claim that I have reinvented the bondage wheel, but rather I have used what I have learned over the years to have a recognizable style, as all of my mentors have.

My sadism comes naturally, but my technique has taken some time to get to where it is now. It, as my rigging, is constantly evolving to better my craft. With that being said, my technique and skill didn’t happen over night, and I suggest anyone interested in what I do, learn it before you attempt it.

I take great pleasure in putting a submissive/bottom/masochist through the paces and showing them how to achieve pleasure through pain.

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