Joanna Angel Submits!

It’s not a secret that I love ALT girls! The most well known out of all of them is the one and fucking only Joanna Angel! She is cool as hell and down for almost anything I suggested, so you know this is going to be an epic update!

This is a rite of passage for her, and to do this solidifies that she is as much of a badass as we knew she was. The first scene begins with Joanna tied in a sitting position with her legs spread wide and her arms pulled away from her. Her neck is also tied up, to ensure she is totally helpless. The Pope enters and you see her face begin to smile. All of the waiting, all of the anticipation has led up to this very moment for her. She is a good girl, and wants to prove it to him, so she is willing to do whatever it takes to please him. The Pope takes his time with her to ensure her time is well spent. He is willing to help her explore this side of her sexuality, which is a side that has never been explored until now. She is eventually blindfolded to enhance her experience, and to guarantee her the maximum stimulation form the scene. The orgasms begin, and she is overwhelmed by how hard she is cumming. The next scene begins with Joanna in a brutal suspension. The Pope told her that she would get the same treatment as a seasoned bondage slut, but only with more guidance. Her tits are covered with clothespins to bring even more discomfort to her as she hangs helplessly in the air. After more flogging, The Pope fucks her mouth and then her pussy to overwhelm her even more. She is fingered until her pussy gives up multiple squirting orgasms. In the final scene Joanna is on he back like a good slut with her legs spread nice and wide. Her pussy gets more from the flogger and then the cane is brought in to administer some bastinado. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that that is a pain she never needs to experience again. To prove to he that there is more than one way to suffer, The Pope breaks out his infamous knitting needle and shows her pain that she never knew existed. He moves on to electrical play and then the final orgasms of the day. By the time that he has finished with her the entire dungeon is soaked in her sweet squirt.

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Phoenix’s Last Bondage Shoot

Phoenix’s Last Bondage Shoot

I love Phoenix and she wanted one of her last shoots of her career to be with me for Hogtied. She loves rope and being helpless in bondage, so it was a no brainer to make this shoot happen. If you want more details about her follow Phoenix on twitter.

Phoenix is a personal friend of The Pope’s and she is willing to let him do things to her that no ones in the entire world is allowed to do. She loves being helpless in strict bondage, but that is where it ends. She does not like to be spanked, vibed, or tormented in any way; this is where things get interesting. Knowing that she doesn’t like these activities, she signed up to work with one of the most sadistic heathens in the industry. We begin with her locked away in a steel cage writhing around in her sexual desires. Phoenix is here to let all of the demons out and can’t wait for The Pope to get her tied up and have his way with her. She is tied in a standing position and then the bondage is manipulated to put her in a stressful predicament position to ensure her suffering. Clothespins are applied to all of the sensitive spots just to put a smile on everyone’s face. Next we put her in the air in a signature suspension of The Pope’s hat has her whore legs spread wide open and available for whatever he wants. After more torment, he administers more orgasms that have her begging for it to stop. In the final scene she is on her back with her legs spread as much as possible for full access to her pride and joy; her beloved pussy. The Pope torments her feet with brutal bastinado before having his way with her pussy for the final orgasms.

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Angela White Does Bondage for the First Time

Angela White Does Bondage for the First Time

Angela is a busty, all natural Australian goddess. She is known all over the adult industry as one of the sexiest and coolest people to work with. My first impression of her was that she was a happy and down to earth person who was down for almost anything. She was easy to talk to, and definitely easy on the eyes. She said she wanted to start slow since this was her first time, and I agreed. It was obvious from the start that she was in to being tied up and being helpless. She was so turned on that she couldn’t contain herself. I opened a door that she had never walked through before, and I feel that she may not ever be the same now that she has experienced real bondage and domination.

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